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There's a reason lumber is in our name: it's our specialty. Since our start in 1937, Bolyard Lumber has been known in the industry for stocking only the highest grade of lumber. With a wide variety of dimensional, hardwoods, engineered lumber & sheathing goods, we have everything you need right here.

Providing the highest-quality and readily available products is as important to us, as it is to you and we pride ourselves on sourcing lumber that is straighter, cleaner, stronger, and more sustainable; Allowing you to tackle your project with confidence. 

Alongside our exceptional products, you'll find our full-service lumberyard staff; Always ready to provide a detailed estimate, pull what you need and cut to your specifications or provide delivery right to your doorstep. Project big or small, there's no waiting for assistance to get you started.




 As a full-service lumberyard, we've teamed up with Nordic Joist® to extend our services to include in-house I Joist roof & floor systems. When you're building a residential floor or need to frame a roof, you need something that you can rely on; Something strong that can withstand the constant pressure and still perform to the highest expectation possible. Our high quality I-Joists do exactly that. They're engineered to resist bending and shear and will give your floor or roof the strength it needs. The benefits of our engineered roof & floor systems are unmatched.

Not only do we conveniently stock Nordic I-Joist for your building needs but our two, full-time engineered wood designers, with a combined 20+ years experience with residential, multi-family & commercial projects, will expertly design and develop a system guaranteed to succeed.

"You can trust they will get you everything you need..."

"Bolyard Lumber is our go to supplier for all things lumber. Have worked alongside them through a plethora of projects and have been pleased and treated cordially through each and every single project through the many years. You can trust they will get you everything you need in a timely and gregarious fashion for any type of project you may be pursuing."

Steve Nikkel, Orchard Construction, Inc

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