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Downsview strives to create masterfully designed and technologically advanced kitchen cabinetry. They recognize that the artistry of both the designers and the workers goes hand-in-hand, allowing them to create furnishings that are truly unique and endure the test of time. If you or your customer demands more when it comes to cabinets, Downsview provides bespoke creations that satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes.

With hundreds of possible color and finish combinations, a one of a kind design can be created. Each kitchen program is the result of years of experience and product research combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to develop the most functional and stylish kitchens available.

"Bolyard made my Foyer look like a million dollars!"

"By the time Bolyard was finished with my foyer, I could not believe my eyes! The craftsmanship was wonderful. Truly unmatched quality & service! I would highly recommend them."

Stephanie, Commerce Township

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